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Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty

Grab your sword, adjust your captains' hat and climb aboard the Black Pearl with us.  Treasure lies ahead in the form of sweet, golden, fresh pineapple and rum curd surrounded by a tropical, pillowy soft, coconut rum cookie shell.  The most delicious pirate booty you have ever laid eyes on matey.  You'll be knocking them back and belting out sea shanties in no time.  All the while asking why the rum is gone.  It's gone into the cookies love, every last single drop and we are sure you will agree that they arrrrrrr... " So's sinful! "


Avg. cookie size is approx. 50g each.

  • Wheat flour, Vegetable fat (Palm and rapeseed), Powdered sugar {cane sugar, corn flour}, White rum*, Pineapple, Creamed coconut, Corn flour, Soya milk, Coconut milk, Baking soda, Desecated coconut, Cream of tartar. 

    Allergens highlighted in BOLD type.

    Prepared in a kitchen where nuts may be present.

    *While most of the alcohol should be baked out of the cookie, please consume responsibly.

PrixÀ partir de 2,00£
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