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About Us

How we got started:


Angel’s Sinfully Delicious Cookie Company was originally founded in 2015.  Its original purpose was to financially support youth programs locally and abroad through the sale of our quality made cookies and other baked goods. We quietly ran a rewards program in which we gave out cards to youth in the community who displayed kindness, community mind set and overall great manners.  This would allow the children and young people to be recognised for their behaviour and offer a positive reinforcement of these behaviours.  While the company was still in its infancy, popularity grew, and we gained quite the following.  We worked hard to ensure that the products and messages we put out were quality in every way. 

Where are we now:


The company took a break from trading and we relaunched the bakery in March of 2021.  Coming back into the market with a renewed fervour for delivering a product that not only holds up the brands reputation but seeks to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for the client.  We maintain the core of our purpose which is not only to provide mind blowing cookies and treats but to advocate for and mentor our youth here in the UK and abroad.  This is an important aspect of our business which will grow and evolve with us.

How we do what we do:


Keeping with company ethos on quality above all else, every last detail is taken into consideration, from the ingredients used to the packaging and choice of courier.  The test kitchen is always a busy area with new flavours and constant improvements on old favourites being created.  At ASDCCO we strive to create our own additions and fillings to not only produce something unique and flavoursome but to simplify our ingredients listings and provide better transparency for the identification of possible allergens.  While we currently operate within a mixed kitchen setting, every precaution is taken to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Where we’re going:


While we are just getting started again, we have some pretty big plans for our future, and we hope you will join us.  In a perfect world, our small little company would scale up and move into brick-and-mortar retail locations across the UK to further connect with our customers.  Behind the scenes we would love to provide training and one to one therapeutic mentoring for youth within our communities regardless of their backgrounds.  In more cultures than not, food and cooking (baking) connects people.  Life is built on connections and we want to foster these traditions while creating some amazing American cookies.   

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